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The 1st Ohio Cavalry at Stones River

As related on my website ( ), my interest in studying Civil War history began when I received my great-great-great grandfather's discharge from my grandmother about 20 years ago. She didn't know much about it, except that she found it in her father's papers after he passed and she said the soldier was an ancestor of ours. What started off as a genealogy project has grown into an abiding passion for telling the story of our common soldiers in the war. My ancestor was Private James Morrow, who enlisted in Co. H, 1st Ohio Volunteer Cavalry in September 1861 and served a full three term enlistment with the regiment, mustering out in October 1864 at Columbia, Tennessee. Although I have never been able to find any accounts that he may have left, I have been able to find some documents from other members of Company H that help paint the picture of what his experience may have been like. Unknown trooper of 1st Ohio Cavalry The letter below was writte