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Last Words: On the eve of Antietam with Colonel Augustus Coleman, 11th Ohio Infantry

     With the Confederacy on the move following their victories at Seven Days and Cedar Mountain, it was decided to bolster the defenses of Washington by moving a division of battle-seasoned troops from the mountainous region of western Virginia. "On the 18th of August, the 11th Ohio, with the greater portion of the Kanawha Division, moved to Parkersburg and proceeded thence by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad to Washington, camping near Alexandria," wrote Whitelaw Reid. After missing the Second Battle of Bull Run, the 11th Ohio fell back to the defenses of Washington and, as part of General McClellan's reorganization of the army, was placed in the 9th Corps under Major General Ambrose E. Burnside. They were soon in pursuit of Lee's invading army, determined to drive the Rebels from Maryland. Outside of Frederick, they had their chance.      On September 14th, "the division crossed the creek and moved towards Turner's Gap in South Mountain. After proceed