Echoes of Battle: Annals of Ohio's Soldiers in the Civil War Volume 1: Philippi to Perryville

     Echoes of Battle: Annals of Ohio's Soldiers in the Civil War Volume 1: Philippi to Perryville is the first in a three part series that presents hundreds of first hand battle accounts written by Ohioans during the Civil War.

    It was a war fought upon some of the bloodiest stages in American history such as Gettysburg, Chickamauga, and Antietam, and at obscure skirmishes such as Scary Creek, Snaggy Point, and Limestone Station. These Ohioans will recount the thrill of victory at Shiloh, Vicksburg and Missionary Ridge, and the sadness and demoralization of defeat at Chancellorsville, Fort Wagner, and Brice’s Crossroads. The horrors of war will come home with stark clarity from places such as Port Republic, Corinth, Stones River, and Franklin. Sailors will recount their battles with Confederate forts and ironclads upon the placid western rivers, while troopers will relay the sounds and terror of a cavalry charge.

One of the accounts featured in Volume 1 is Sergeant Wilson W. Brown's tale of Andrews' Raid in which he earned one of the first Medals of Honor. 

    One will read what it is like to be shot, to witness the death of a brother or beloved comrade upon the battlefield, or to be captured by the enemy. One will read what it is like to be driven in panic from the field or the thrill of triumph when capturing an enemy flag or overwhelming an enemy battery. By dusting off these old and forgotten accounts of the war, it is hoped that this work will foster a deeper appreciation of the sacrifices made to restore the Union and provide future historians with valuable insights into how the common soldier experienced the war “inside and out.”

    This handsome 398-page 6" x 9" Trade-sized volume features more than 100 firsthand accounts covering the first 18 months of action during the Civil War.

    Hardbound editions available now for $45 ($30 for paperback) plus shipping through our Columbian Arsenal Press online bookstore.

A detailed table of contents is listed below.






Pecking at the Periphery


Ohio Before the War

Whitelaw Reid


Ohio Goes to War

     George H. Porter


Crisis at the Virginia Border

     Whitelaw Reid


Battle of Philippi, Virginia                               June 3, 1861

Private Theodore Stoughton, Battery F, 1st Ohio Militia Light Artillery

Private George D. Forsyth, Co. A, 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Private David C. Curry, Co. C, 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Action at Vienna, Virginia                              June 17, 1861

Adjutant Joseph S. Parrott, 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Private Homer H. Baldwin, Co. E, 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Rich Mountain, Virginia                      July 11, 1861

Chaplain Lorenzo Warner, 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Second Lt. Henry G. Wolcott, Co. C, 19th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Scary Creek, Virginia                          July 17, 1861

First Sergeant John U. Hiltz, Co. C, 12th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Captain William S. Williams, Williams’ Independent Battery, O.V.L.A.


First Battle of Bull Run, Virginia                       July 21, 1861

Private Harry Comer, Co. A, 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

First Lt. William H. Raynor, Co. G, 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Private William Pittenger, Co. H, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

First Lieutenant James P. Drouillard, Sykes’ U.S. Infantry Battalion


Battle of Cross Lanes, Virginia                          August 26, 1861

First Lieutenant George L. Wood, Co. H, 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Carnifex Ferry, Virginia                       September 10, 1861

Captain David Cunningham, Co. B, 30th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battles of Hanging Rock and Romney, Virginia      September 23-25, 1861

             First Sergeant Finney R. Loomis, Co. K, 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Greenbrier River, Virginia                     October 3, 1861

Captain Albert S. Hall, Co. F, 24th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Camp Wild Cat, Kentucky                    October 22, 1861

Captain James W. Stinchcomb, Co. B, 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Second Battle of Romney, Virginia                      October 26, 1861

             Corporal John W.F. Williams, Co. G, 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Port Royal, South Carolina                    November 3-7, 1861

Private Lewis Abel, Reynolds’ Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps


Battle of Ivy Mountain, Kentucky                        November 8, 1861

             Private Edward T. Pritchard, Battery D, 1st Ohio Vol. Light Artillery


Battle of Camp Allegheny, Virginia                     December 13, 1861

Captain Jeremiah Williams, Co. C, 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Corporal William M. McLain, Co. B, 32nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry




Scenes New and Horrible Beyond All Description


Battle of Middle Creek, Kentucky                       January 10, 1862

             Captain Charles G. Matchett, Co. G, 40th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky                         January 20, 1862

             Second Lt. Friedrich Bertsch, Co. B, 9th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

First Lieutenant Oliver H.P. Ayres, 6th Ohio Battery



Battle of Fort Henry, Tennessee                          February 6, 1862

             Paymaster Alfred Phelps, U.S.S. Conestoga


Battle of Fort Donelson, Tennessee                       February 13-15, 1862

             Captain Charles H. McElroy, Co. D, 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Seaman Joseph H. Blythe, U.S.S. Pittsburgh


Siege of New Madrid, Missouri                           March 3-13, 1862

             Private William H. Brown, Co. B, 27th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas                           March 7-8, 1862

             First Lieutenant William B. Chapman, 2nd Ohio Battery


First Battle of Kernstown, Virginia                      March 23, 1862

             Corporal Daniel H. Wright, Co. G, 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Captain Myron T. Wright, Co. D, 29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Private Henry H. Sands, Co. K, 62nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Bugler Henry G. Burr, Co. C, 1st Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

First Lieutenant Frank C. Gibbs, Battery L, 1st Ohio Vol. Light Artillery


Engagement near Shiloh Church, Tennessee            April 4, 1862

Private John M. Lemmon, Co. B, 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee                                 April 6-7, 1862

             Private Jonathan Thatcher, Co. K, 53rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Sergeant Major Edwin A. Gordon, 57th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Corporal Joseph Alexander, Co. H, 46th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Surgeon Milton T. Carey, 48th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Private George B. Row, Co. I, 58th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Private Wilbur F. McCue, Co. K, 71st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

First Lieutenant Homer H. Stull, 14th Ohio Battery

Captain Oliver Wood, Co. B, 13th Missouri Volunteer Infantry

Private William Duncan, Co. D, 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Lieutenant Colonel Joseph G. Hawkins, 13th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Private Cary L. Nelson, Co. C, 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Island No. 10, Missouri                        April 7, 1862

             Surgeon Edward Leaman, U.S.S. Pittsburgh


Battle of Fallen Timbers, Tennessee                      April 8, 1862

Captain Andrew W. McCormick, Co. G, 77th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Andrews’ Raid into Georgia                              April 1862

             Private Wilson W. Brown, Co. F, 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Corporal Daniel A. Dorsey, Co. H, 33rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Fort Jackson, Louisiana                        April 24, 1862

Ensign Frank Fitch, U.S.S. Varuna



Quite a Formidable Undertaking


Action at Athens, Alabama                              May 1-2, 1862

             Private William S. Brown, Co. A, 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia                         May 5, 1862

             Captain Thomas H. Higginbotham, Co. K, 1st U.S. Chasseurs


Battle of McDowell, Virginia                             May 8, 1862

             First Sergeant John Wiley, Co. B, 32nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Captain Thomas W. Higgins, Co. B, 73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             First Lieutenant Francis S. Jacobs, Co. K, 82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Plum Point Bend, Tennessee                    May 10, 1862

             Assistant Engineer James Wilkin, U.S.S. Cairo


Battle of Giles Courthouse, Virginia                    May 10, 1862

             Private Charles N. Hartman, Co. A, 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Princeton Courthouse, Virginia               May 15-17, 1862

             Corporal Morton L. Hawkins, Co. F, 34th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Lewisburg, Virginia                             May 23, 1862

             Chaplain Thomas P. Childs, 44th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Sergeant Wesley Martindale, Co. I, 36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Fair Oaks, Virginia                            May 31-June 1, 1862

             Sergeant Samuel S. Kissinger, Co. K, 1st U.S. Chasseurs


Battle of Memphis, Tennessee                             June 6, 1862

             Chief Engineer William G. McFarland, U.S.S. Cincinnati

Battle of Cross Keys, Virginia                            June 8, 1862

             Private Erwin M. Bergstresser, Co. G, 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Private Edwin P. Stephenson, Co. E, 60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Corporal Harlan P. Bradford, Battery I, 1st Ohio Light Artillery


Battle of Port Republic, Virginia                        June 9, 1862

             Private John T. Coverdale, Co. C, 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Adjutant Theron S. Winship, 29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Colonel Charles Candy, 66th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Second Lieutenant Martin B. Ewing, Battery H, 1st Ohio Light Artillery


Action at Mount Jackson, Virginia                     June 16, 1862

             Private Edwin O. Ball, Co. A, 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry


Battle of Malvern Hill, Virginia                         July 1, 1862

             Private Van Cleve Coonrod, Co. I, 1st U.S. Chasseurs



The Confederacy Ascendant


Battle of Tazewell, Tennessee                              August 6, 1862

             First Lieutenant Manuel B. DeSilva, Co. E, 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia                     August 9, 1862

             Private William A. Brand, Co. G, 66th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Surrender of Clarksville, Tennessee                       August 18, 1862

             Colonel Rodney Mason, 71st Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Freeman’s Ford, Virginia                      August 22, 1862

             Private Samuel Rau, Co. D, 61st Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Second Battle of Bull Run, Virginia                    August 29-30, 1862

             Corporal Jesse Bowsher, Co. K, 55th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Colonel John C. Lee, 55th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Captain Solomon L. Hoge, Co. G, 82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Action at Manchester, Tennessee                         August 29, 1862

             Assistant Surgeon William W. Mills, 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Richmond, Kentucky                            August 30, 1862

             Sergeant H. Warren Phelps, Co. H, 95th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Siege of Cincinnati, Ohio                                  September 1-13, 1862

Lieutenant T. Buchanan Read, Volunteer Aide to General Lew Wallace

Second Lt. Ralph Robinson, Co. B, 1st Ohio Rifles (Squirrel Hunters)

Private Edward T. Harvey, Cincinnati Emergency Volunteers

Private Henry Howe, Cincinnati Emergency Volunteers

Lieutenant Colonel Asa S. Mariner, 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Retreat from Cumberland Gap, Kentucky              September 8-October 3, 1862

             Sergeant Pembroke M. Cowles, Co. A, 42nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Charleston, Virginia                            September 12, 1862

Lieutenant Colonel Freeman E. Franklin, 34th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Harper’s Ferry, Virginia                      September 12-15, 1862

             Chaplain Russell B. Bennett, 32nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Major Joseph K. Marlay, 60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Private James H. Smith, Co. D, 87th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of South Mountain, Maryland                   September 14, 1862

             Colonel Augustus H. Coleman, 11th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Private Thomas Williams, Co. K, 12th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Munfordville, Kentucky                         September 14-17, 1862

             Private Henry M. Davidson, Battery A, 1st Ohio Light Artillery


Battle of Antietam, Maryland                            September 17, 1862

             Captain Frederick A. Seymour, Co. G, 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             First Lieutenant Azor H. Nickerson, Co. I, 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Captain John Amrein, Co. B, 28th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Private Isaiah Robb, Co. I, 30th Ohio Volunteer Infantry



The Music of the Spheres


Battle of Iuka, Mississippi                                 September 19, 1862

             First Lieutenant Cyrus A. Sears, 11th Ohio Battery


First Battle of Newtonia, Missouri                       September 30, 1862

             Quartermaster Jacob Strohm, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

Battle of Corinth, Mississippi                             October 3-4, 1862

             Colonel John W. Fuller, 27th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Assistant Surgeon Pierre Starr, 39th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Private Alfred T. Jones, Co. F, 43rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Captain Christopher E. Smith, Co. C, 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Private James E. Graham, Co. K, 80th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Hatchie’s Bridge, Tennessee                     October 5, 1862

             First Sergeant Isaac McCoy, Co. C, 68th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Action at LaVergne, Tennessee                          October 7, 1862

             Sergeant Launcelot L. Scott, Co. G, 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Battle of Perryville, Kentucky                             October 8, 1862

             Second Lieutenant Thomas B. Stevenson, Co. K, 3rd Ohio Infantry

             Captain James H.M. Montgomery, Co. F, 33rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

First Lieutenant Oscar C. Pratt, Co. A, 50th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Captain Matthew L. Morrow, Co. D, 52nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Lieutenant Colonel Christian L. Poorman, 98th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Captain Ephraim D. Kee, Co. B, 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Chaplain Lemuel F. Drake, 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

             Captain Henry C. Greiner, Co. A, 31st Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Action at Ashland, Kentucky                            October 18, 1862

             First Lieutenant Oliver M. Brown, Co. B, 3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry


The Battle Autumn of 1862 by John Greenleaf Whittier


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